Continuous Vertical Conveyor

The vertical conveyor was designed to raise and lower products, where floor space is restricted.

MAFA offers solution in terms of  continuous vertical conveyors which are designed to accept product horizontally, convey it vertically and discharge it horizontally; all in one continuous non-stop operation. An in feed belt synchronized with the vertical conveyor, loads product into the lift; operator supervision is not required.

The vertical conveyor is an affordable alternative where high speed continuous flow is not a requirement.

Key Specifications/Special Features:

  • High speed continuous conveying.
  • Loads of up to 100 kg/unit can be easily conveyed.
  • Vertical configuration saves lot of factory floor space.
  • Infeed & outfeed conveyors can be integrated.
  • PLC controlled system with sensors & limit switches for safe operation.
  • Structure of compact and small footprint.
  • Safe and reliable.
  • Easy to maintain.

This product is customized as per the space available and required platform size. 

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